Open Rights Group chief in privacy scandal

Open Rights Group chief in privacy scandal: “

Please don’t mention the leaks

The Open Rights Group campaigns against privacy violations and highlights data security lapses – but not when they’ve been committed by its own Chief Executive. The Chair of the organisation has asked ORG supporters not to draw attention to a privacy scandal by the ORG’s grand fromage in his previous job, which has resulted in the latter being banned from the Green Party for five years.…

(Via The Register – Public Sector.)

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  1. I and the rest of the board take all allegations very seriously, especially where relevant to core ORG issues. We discussed this immediately the matter was first raised in the Guardian and concluded that there was no case to answer.

    The Green Party media office have stated:

    “There have been inaccuracies in reporting. The party did not make the allegations indicated in The Register, nor was Mr Killock suspended by the party.”

    Additionally Jim Killock has personally said:

    “I left the Green Party in September last year. There were no data leaks and the Green Party has not made any such allegation. The Green Party has not expelled me or banned me from returning. There are people who have made allegations and who have sought to blacken my name for their own reasons.”

    We feel that both of these statements are pretty clear and that nothingwill be served by engaging further in this matter.


    Harry Metcalfe
    On behalf of the ORG board

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