EU – Brussels eyes internet retailing

EU – Brussels eyes internet retailing: “(FT)
Moves to break down national borders in internet retailing so that customers can take advantage of prices offered by companies in different countries are to be championed by the EU’s consumer protection commissioner. Meglena Kuneva plans an assault on companies which vary their online prices across the European Union but restrict customers to making purchases only on their own national website. Ms Kuneva will make the pledge as she announces plans for separate legislation for creating an EU-wide simplified set of rights governing online and High Street transactions. see Key Challenges for Consumer Policy in the Digital Age Speech by Meglena Kuneva, European Consumer Commissioner, Roundtable on Digital Issues, London, 20 June 2008. See also Commission sets out 5 priorities for consumer policy in a digital age and Gap between domestic and cross-border e-commerce grows wider, says EU report (Press Releases). Frequently Asked Questions on E-commerce in the European Union ? Eurobarometer results.”

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