BT internal report leak on illegal secret Phorm test

BT internal report leak on illegal secret Phorm test: “

The forthcoming British Telecom annual general meeting of shareholders at the Barbican in London on July 16th, could be interesting, with a planned protest by furious BT broadband customers who were secretly snooped on for the controversial Phorm advertising interception secret technical trial – see the campaign website (‘Watching them watching us’ – a familiar slogan !)

It seems that there has now been a leak of the internal British Telecom Retail report, dated January 2007, which highlights the technical issues and performance of the illegal 2 week secret technical trial which British Telecom inflicted on thousands of its unsuspecting broadband internet customers, for two weeks in September 2006.

The report confirms that that none of the BT customers were consulted beforehand, and they did not grant their permission for their port 80 web traffic to be intercepted and modified by British Telecom and 121Media (as Phorm were then known)

A copy of the BT report (17Mb .pdf) also now resides on the supposedly uncensorable website in Sweden.

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