UK attempt to censor

The truth behind, 2009 – Wikileaks: is a website for those who use prostitutes to write about their experiences in the similar manner to product review sites — price, location, features and quality.

This document is an activist ‘intelligence report’ on, mainly gathered from open sources. Punternet is published in the US, but covers the United Kingdom. The issue is controversial due to Punternet allegedly carrying reviews of under-aged or illegally trafficked prostitutes in the UK, although as of writing Punternet explicitly encourages ‘punters’ to report such abuses to the police.

On 30 Sep 2009, Harriet Harman, MP, in a speech to the British Labour Party, called for the site to be closed. The existence of Punternet was referred to the Governor of California, although the site is, probably correctly, protected by the US 1st Amendment.

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