UK – Firms back data protection pledge

UK – Firms back data protection pledge: “(BBC)
Firms are being encouraged to back a pledge to safeguard the data they hold about citizens and customers. Drafted by the Information Commissioner, the Personal Information Promise tries to improve respect for the data companies have gathered. Firms and organisations who use data that people surrender do not always take enough care with it, said Richard Thomas, Information Commissioner. 2008 saw a series of data breaches and losses that left the personal details of millions of people at risk from ID thieves. By signing up to the promise firms say they will go beyond the strictures laid down by law which govern what they can do with the personal data they hold on their customers or clients. Those backing the promise will be exhorted to consider privacy risks when they start work on new information systems that draw on databases of personal data. They must also put in place safeguards to ensure data is securely stored and does not fall into the hands of ID thieves. On the day the promise was launched 20 organisations pledged to back it. Those signing up included BT, Vodafone, Royal Mail, British Gas, Experian, Equifax, AstraZeneca and T-Mobile. see Personal Information Promise and Press Release.”

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