Irish P2P Infringement Case Settled

28th January 2009 – P2P Infringement Case Settled

High Court proceedings between four major record companies, EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner and Eircom which have been at trial for eight days, have been settled on an amicable basis with both sides expressing satisfaction with the outcome.

Both parties have agreed on a joint approach under which they will work closely together to end the abuse of the Internet by P2P copyright infringers.

The settlement reached between the parties provides that the record companies will supply eircom with the IP addresses of all persons who they detect illegally uploading or downloading copyright works on a peer to peer ( P2P) basis.

Eircom has agreed that it will from now on implement a graduated process in which it will:

1) inform its broadband subscriber that the subscribers IP address has been detected infringing copyright and

2) warn the subscriber that unless the infringement ceases the subscriber will be disconnected and

3) in default of compliance by the subscriber with the warning it will disconnect the subscriber.

The record companies have agreed that they will take all necessary steps to put similar agreements in place with all other IPSs in Ireland.

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