Government sets up online child safety watchdog

Here we go again, all in the name of “protecting children”. Inappropriate according to what criteria? Let’s not forget that whatever they are referring to as inappropriate falls short of illegality and therefore not subject to censorship and takedown.

Government sets up online child safety watchdog: “The Government has established a body to advise it on how it can increase the protection from dangers posed by the internet.”

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) will police websites containing inappropriate content, write industry codes of practice for publishers and advertise to children about how to stay safe online.

UKCCIS said that it would tell the publishers of sites which accept material from the public for publication how quickly they must take down content once they have been told that it is inappropriate.

“[UKCCIS’s strategy will] establish voluntary codes of practice for user-generated content sites, making such sites commit to take down inappropriate content within a given time,” said a statement from the Department for Children, Schools and Learning, which launched UKCCIS.

(Via OUT-LAW News.)

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