Rejected From College Because Of Your Facebook Profile?

Rejected From College Because Of Your Facebook Profile?: “We’ve all seen the stories about potential dates or employers scanning your social network profiles to decide what they think of you, but what about your potential university? Slashdot points us to a study suggesting that 10% of universities now examine social network profiles as part of their efforts to evaluate applicants. And, in some of those cases, the profiles hurt candidates to the point of having admissions directors change their minds. Other universities claim that they don’t think it’s right to view such ‘personal’ spaces, but you have to wonder if that view will change over time. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with universities doing this. They’re used to just seeing a carefully controlled image of the student, and what’s on their social networking sites may reveal a lot more useful info. However, it seems like students should at least be aware that this public display of information is being added to their ‘permanent record’ for consideration at universities.

(Via Techdirt.)

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