NZ – Web filter will focus solely on child sex abuse images

NZ – Web filter will focus solely on child sex abuse images: “(Press release)
A filtering system to block websites that host child sexual abuse images will be available voluntarily to New Zealand internet service providers (ISPs) within a couple of months, Internal Affairs Deputy Secretary, Keith Manch, said today. The Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System, funded with $150,000, will be operated by the Department in partnership with ISPs, and will focus solely on websites offering clearly objectionable images of child sexual abuse, which is a serious offence for anyone in New Zealand to access. The Department has entered into a partnership with ECPAT New Zealand, part of a global organisation the purpose of which is the elimination of child prostitution and pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes. ‘ECPAT is operating a hotline through its website so that members of the public can report suspect sites, not already identified by the Department.’ see also NZ Internet Filtering FAQ by Thomas Beagle.

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  1. Why many will decry a move like this as censorship, I applaud the use of an Internet Filtering solution in cases like this. There is no reason for images like this to be on the internet of for anyone to view them anywhere anytime under any circumstances whatsoever. Period. Zero Discussion needed. And a filtering system will not only do a tiny part to save future victims, it will act as a deterrent to maybe save an offender from their own actions. I don’t call this censorship, I call this common sense.

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