Social Networking: European Commission brokers agreement among major web companies

Social Networking: Commission brokers agreement among major web companies.

(10/02/2009) 17 leading web firms have signed for the first time a European agreement to improve the safety of under 18s who use social networking sites. These include Arto, Bebo, Dailymotion, Facebook,, Google/YouTube, Hyves, Microsoft Europe, Myspace,, Netlog,, Skyrock, StudiVZ, Sulake/Habbo Hotel, Yahoo!Europe, and Social networking sites are an emerging social and economic phenomenon, attracting 41.7 million regular users in Europe and changing the way we interact with each other on the Web.

The use of social networks has grown over the past year by 35% in Europe and is expected to more than double to 107.4 million users by 2012. To make sure that social networks continue to grow, young users need to feel safe when expanding their networks or sharing any personal information. The agreement signed today in Luxembourg at the Safer Internet Day organised by the European Commission will empower teenagers to deal with potential risks they may face online, like cyberbullying or revealing personal information.

“The Safer Social Networking Principles for the EU” have been developed by social networking services providers in consultation with the European Commission, as part of its Safer Internet Plus Programme, and a number of NGOs, to provide good practice recommendations for the providers of social networking and other user interactive sites, to enhance the safety of children and young people using their services.”

Read full text of the Principles.

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