‘Lost’ Most Pirated TV-Show on BitTorrent

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‘Lost’ Most Pirated TV-Show on BitTorrent

24Every week we take a look at the most downloaded TV-Shows on BitTorrent. Lost is traditionally one of the most downloaded TV shows. Last year, it got the honor of being the most pirated show of 2008, and we expect the show to end up high in the 2009 list as well.

The fifth season of Lost just started with two new episodes. Both episodes were downloaded close to two million time in the first week. As always, the vast majority of the people who download the show are located outside the U.S, where it may take up to a year before season 5 will actually air on TV.

The rise of unauthorized downloading of TV-shows is a signal that customers want something that is not available through other channels. It’s more about availability than the fact that it’s free and should be viewed as an opportunity, not a threat. The more restrictions, the more piracy – it’s as simple as that.

The data for the most recent TV episodes are collected by TorrentFreak from a representative sample of BitTorrent sites and is for informational and educational reference only. Thanks to ShowInsider we now also include a list based on the total number of downloads (not only recent episodes) of all shows in the past week.

Top Downloads (Recent Episodes)

January 19 – January 25
Ranking (last week) TV-show
1 (…) Lost
2 (…) House M.D.
3 (1) 24
4 (2) Desperate Housewives
5 (4) Battlestar Galactica
6 (…) Fringe
7 (6) How I Met Your Mother
8 (5) The Big Bang Theory
9 (7) Gossip Girl
10 (8) Grey’s Anatomy

Top Downloads (All Episodes)

January 19 – January 25
Ranking (last week) TV-show
1 (2) Heroes
2 (1) Prison Break
3 (4) Dexter
4 (5) Gossip Girl
5 (16) Lost
6 (9) House M.D.
7 (6) Desperate Housewives
8 (8) Grey’s Anatomy
9 (7) Californication
10 (15) How I Met Your Mother

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