More websites banned in Turkey

Another Internet Site Is Banned: “The censorship against the internet sites is continuing in Turkey. After and dailymotion, not the sites of kliptube and are banned, too.”

After the internet sites and dailymotion, the access to the site of is denied to the internet users in Turkey.

The biggest video sharing site of the internet,, has been closed in Turkey for three months now. has just recently been added to the list.
“The access to this site is barred by a court decision”

The latest victim is another video sharing site, However, it is not possible to find out how, when and why the access to this site is banned by going to the site itself.

Those who visit the site are greeted by the sentence that “The access to this site is barred by a court decision”. The same happened to the dailymotion in the beginning of August.
The internet site of is banned without any justification

Ankara’s 11th High Criminal Court banned, a site about the Kurdish problem, on August 7 without any justification. However, it is not known what particular page of the site led to the banning.

According to one of the site authorities, Ramazan Pekgöz, their site has been closed by court orders four times so far. He says that nobody gives them any explanation about the situation. Since it is a very long process to remove this court order, they simply continue their existence by changing names. (EÖ/EZÖ/TB)

(Via Latest Bianet/English News.)

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