Saudi Government blocks 3,000 drug websites

Saudi Gazette – Govt blocks 3,000 drug websites: “Govt blocks 3,000 drug websites
DAMMAM: The government’s Drug Combat Department has blocked over 3,000 international Internet websites for being involved in enticing young people to take drugs and showing them ways to market these poisons. Abdel Ilah Al-Shareef, Assistant Director of the Drug Combat Department for Preventive Affairs, said three incidents have been detected connected to drug trafficking via the Internet. He added that three websites have been constructed to inform surfers about preventive measures. Al-Shareef warned that some websites set up for chatting, electronic games and cartoon serials exploit adolescents and urge them to take forbidden substances. This move was announced after a meeting on the danger of drugs was held at the Education Theater in Hafr Al-Batin. — Okaz/Saudi Gazette __ “

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