CoE ISP & Law Enforcement Guidelines published

Guidelines for the cooperation between law enforcement agencies and Internet Service Providers against cybercrime were developed under the auspicies of the Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Project were adopted by the global Conference on Cooperation Against Cybercrime in April 2008 at the Council of Europe. The Guidelines have a non-binding nature and as its title suggest are intended to be guidelines to assist both law enforcement agencies and the Internet Service Providers in their co-operation in the fight against cybercrime. The Guidelines encourage a culture of co-operation rather than confrontation between the two parties. The document also encourages commitment for the protection of fundamental rights such as those enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.

These Guidelines are published by CoE but are not officially endorsed by CoE, it remains to be seen whether any ISP associations and law enforcement agencies endorse this at state level within the CoE region.